Car Electronics Repair

Electronics Installation & Repair

At Armen's Auto Service, we have in depth understanding of audio systems, electrical and electronic systems within the car, namely, batteries, alternators, ignition, engine control and such other electronic circuitry. Our work is intricate and involves working with all these systems in tandem and making electronics work optimally according to your specifications.

Car Audio Installation

This is a job only for very highly experienced technicians and sound experts. We have such technicians working for us at our Los Angeles car service. They have the expertise to install entire sound systems in your car, or specific bits of the sound system, like subwoofers, radios, speakers and such other audio equipment.

Knowing how and where to install each piece of the system is crucial to getting a great audio experience in your car. We understand how important this can be, and use the latest equipment for our work.

Navigation Systems

GPS and navigation systems are becoming increasingly common and are a useful feature to have in your car. At our Los Angeles mechanic store, we can install these systems in new cars as well as older cars with equal ease. These systems connect to the car to determine its geographical location, and then provide routes and directions to places you would like to go to. We have a number of GPS and satellite navigation systems for you to choose from.

Since these devices are easy to install, we can also help you buy a good navigation system and assist you if required in installing it.

Backup Cameras

A backup camera is a kind of video camera that is designed specifically to help you back up your car safely, even in tight parking spots. It is attached to the rear end of your car and shows a video feed on a small panel in your dashboard. Many modern cars come pre-equipped with these cameras.

We understand that you might want to get this system fixed on to your car, and that it requires technical expertise to do so. At our car maintenance store, we help you not only pick out a backup camera device that suits your requirements, but also get the system fitted on your vehicle according to your specifications.

Alarms and Remote Starters

Alarm and security systems have become a mainstay on every modern car. However, if you have an older car in which you want an alarm system installed, or want to upgrade an existing alarm system in your car, we at Los Angeles auto repair are here to help you out. We can also help if your alarm system is faulty and needs to be repaired. Sometimes, alarm systems can malfunction and cause batteries to discharge or keys and remote started may be affected.

We have mechanical and technical experts in house who can help find the right kind of security system for your car and get it installed for you. We can also repair alarm systems that are malfunctioning or damaged.