Vehicle Maintenance

Car Maintenance Service

‘Prevention is better than cure.’ Very true indeed! It is always better to take preventive steps for your car so that you can avoid a bigger damage or failure in the future. Your car needs regular care and maintenance so that you can avoid bigger damage. For that, you need to take your car for auto repair services from time to time so that experts can perform thorough checks on your vehicle and suggest the required repairs. Have you taken your car for repair yet? Be careful before it is too late.

Diagnostics and System Evaluation

DIAGNOSTICS AND SYSTEM EVALUATIONThe very first step in the process of repair and maintenance is diagnostics and system evaluation. A doctor cannot prescribe the best medicines without proper diagnosis. Similarly without thorough examination, our expert mechanics cannot tell you the required repairs on your car.

Our professional mechanics and technicians at Los Angeles car service are certified and experienced enough to diagnose problems with your car and perform effective system evaluation. Once the system evaluation is completed, we will suggest the required repairs or parts replacement, if needed.

Oil Changes

Oil ChangesAlways remember to have your car oil changed on schedule. It is one of the most important parts of preventive maintenance. Not only the oil, but other fluids and lubricants in the car should also be routinely inspected, so you don’t run into problems from low fluids.

The main problem with oil is that it eventually turns into jelly, which causes engine parts to wear out prematurely. If you forget regular oil changes, then you might end up spending a large amount for replacing expensive engine parts later.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning RepairThe refrigerant in the air conditioner contains special oil that is responsible for cooling your car. At times, even if your car is being cooled, there might be insufficient oil which eventually would cause premature wear. The advantage of using a fresh refrigerant is that it will help you keep your air conditioning system protected and allow the system to operate at maximum efficiency.

Though some of the basic operations in air conditioning maintenance can be done by you, it is recommended to allow the experts at Los Angeles AC repair to diagnose and perform the required maintenance.

Fuel System Cleaning

Fuel System CleaningA clean fuel is needed for efficient engine performance. Our professional fuel cleaning system will keep injectors clean; remove debris from the combustion chamber and from the intake valves to improve performance and efficiency. Hence if you want to optimize on your mileage, then it is very important that you perform regular fuel system cleaning.

So timely fuel system cleaning can help you to prevent damage of expensive parts and thus save on your pockets.

Wiper Blades and Headlights

Wiper Blades and Headlights RepairVery often, you might forget to take care of your vehicle’s wiper blades and headlights. Wiper blades must be cleaned regularly and changed after every six months. If you forget to do so, your wiper blades might cause you trouble because of reduced driving visibility.

Check your headlights! It is better to avoid accidents due to poor headlights at night. If you find them hazy, then immediately replace them with fresh, bright and crystal clear headlights today. Los Angeles auto mechanics can help with such work.

Batteries Maintenance

Batteries MaintenanceMaintaining your car batteries is another important aspect of preventive maintenance. To keep your vehicle’s electrical systems in proper working condition, it is necessary that the battery and related components are always in top condition, working flawlessly.

Our trained auto repair technicians are well experienced to handle all battery related problems, be it complex starting or simple charging systems. So whenever you feel that your battery is failing, or the components of your vehicle which operate on the car battery are malfunctioning, just visit us and we will take care of the rest!

Filter Replacement

Filter ReplacementThe performance of your vehicle degrades with the decrease in the quality of your oil and air filters. Hence protect your vehicle with new filters. If you keep your oil and air filters clean, then you basically keep your fuel, engine and air conditioning system free of dirt and contaminants.

Make sure you get the correct oil filter for your engine. A vehicle’s engine protects itself from wear and tear through the oil filter. So you must replace it regularly to protect your engine and optimize your vehicle’s performance. At Los Angeles oil change, we also check and replace oil filters during maintenance.

Fluid Exchange

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Transmission fluid is responsible for cooling and cleaning the internal transmission parts. It also creates the required hydraulic pressure which enables the automatic transmission to operate efficiently.
It is recommended by car manufacturers that you change your transmission fluid at regular intervals of after certain miles of driving. It is highly advisable that you exchange and replace your automatic transmission fluid according to your manufacturer’s recommendations and with our car transmission repair services.

Brake Fluid Exchange

Most vehicle owners do not bother to change the brake fluid of their vehicle. As your brake pads wear, the level of your fluid also decreases. The brake fluid is hygroscopic in nature, that is, it attracts moisture from the air.
Since a lot of your car parts are metallic, moisture can cause damage to valuable engine parts. You must also monitor and check your brake fluid level. Regular flushing out of the brake fluid and replacing it with a fresh one will prevent corrosion and failure of those metal components. At our Los Angeles brake repair shop, you can get all this work done.

Coolant Flush & Fluid Exchange

Maintaining proper fluid levels and exchanging them periodically is essential for optimum performance and mileage. Your cooling system prevents the car from getting overheated. Over time, the cooling fluid gets contaminated and does not function as effectively.
Your cooling system can break down more easily than any other parts of your vehicle. A coolant flush at our car repair shop will not only change your coolant fluid but also will clean and remove the residues that build up inside the cooling system.

Power Steering Fluid Exchange

Our Los Angeles auto mechanic service will inspect your steering fluid reservoir, hoses and connections and then will replace the old worn fluid with new fluid. The new fluid allows other lubricants and oil to perform effectively. It removes harmful deposits from your steering system.
You must go for power steering fluid exchange after every 24 months or 30,000 miles, whichever is earlier. Prevent costly repairs in the future by exchanging your power steering fluid at regular intervals.

Starting and Charging

Starting and ChargingYour vehicle’s electrical systems are highly complicated and it is always better to leave their repair and maintenance to the experts at our vehicle repair shop. Our mechanics and expert technicians can handle everything from your car battery to your alternator.

If you are facing difficulties in starting your vehicle or your battery does not get properly charged, then you must go for a thorough service and car repair. Focusing on preventive maintenance will ensure that you protect your vehicle from possible damage. We will provide all the solutions that you need with respect to your starting and charging systems.

Smog Check Test

Smog Check TestSmog is a serious environmental pollutant and can become a serious health hazard to people. It is, therefore, important that you perform smog check tests after every few years. The vehicle’s combustion outlet produces smog and over the years the amount of smog production increased as your fuel efficiency decreases.

We at Los Angeles auto repair are your smog check experts. We will analyze your vehicle for smog emission and take the necessary steps to minimize it.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is nothing but carrying out maintenance activity at regular intervals of time. The best way to ensure the longevity of your vehicle is to schedule regular repair and maintenance. It ensures that all your vehicle parts, from the electrical systems, air conditioner and steering to your brakes, oil, fluids and wipers are in the best conditions. Scheduled preventive maintenance with our car maintenance services is the key to ensure that your vehicle always gives optimum performance and the best mileage.