Auto Repair Service

Auto Repair Service

Knowing what kind of repair services you need for your car can help you save money and keep your car, truck or van running optimally. Many of these auto repair services can be avoided through proper maintenance of your car. If you haven’t taken the time to properly maintain your vehicle, this can lead to serious issues either from component or sensor failure.

Engine Heating and Cooling Repair

Engine Heating Cooling RepairWhen your car has problems with air conditioning or no longer blows hot air through the vents, you will need someone to take a look at the blower motor inside your dash. This unit controls the airflow to your car vents and a failing blower motor relay or improper grounds can contribute to this problem.

If the air no longer blows hot, it is usually a problem with your engine’s radiator or lack of coolant. Avoid this problem by constantly filling your radiator and making sure you don’t run low, or overheat. Failure to do so can lead to your cylinder head warping from excessive cylinder temperatures. Prolonged overheating conditions will result in oil viscosity breakdown and possible engine bearing failure.

Brake System Repair

Brake System RepairYour vehicle’s brakes utilize a hydraulic system to drive brake calipers into action, therefore bringing your car to a stop. When you have hydraulic leaks, or problems with your slave cylinder boot or your brake master cylinder, you will need a professional to inspect your car
Brake pads and shoes wear off, and need replacing over time. Rotors and drums should also be regularly checked for runout and replaced according to the maintenance schedule for your vehicle year, make and model.
Many of these programs are OEM specific, meaning they are meant to be cleared only by the dealerships. Ask your mechanic what OBDII parameters they support and what manufacturers are on their exclusion list. We have the best brake repair shops in the area.
With the capability to fill your air conditioning and providing free leak tests, our Los Angeles car AC repair can solve any cooling or heating issues in your car.

Steering System Repair

Steering System RepairWhen your steering wheel feels vague or doesn’t have the response or feedback it used to, there may be an issue with your steering rack or power steering pump. Like your brakes, this primarily hydraulic assisted part of your vehicle is prone to failure at tie rod end boots or damage to the outer tie rod.

Noises or inconsistencies involving your power steering pump may require extensive road testing and diagnosis. Be specific in your complaints so the mechanic at our car repair shop has a better idea of what symptoms to look for.

Belts and Hoses Repair

Belt and Hoses RepairBelt maintenance and the lack of it are the primary reasons behind things like your power steering pump or air conditioning compressor stopping. The drive belts in your car should be set to the right tension and checked regularly as vital parts of your maintenance.

Incorrect belt tension can cause noise or excessive play in your pulleys. The pros at Armens Auto Service can get your drive belts changed quickly to get you back on the road.

Driveline Repair

The axles and CV joints in your car can become damaged over time, especially when your axle boots rupture. Most driveline repair jobs can be done quickly, and will require new transmission fluid that’s approved for your gearbox.
Providing wheel balancing and rim runout test procedures, Armens Auto Service car maintenance center has the expertise needed when it comes to your driveline.

Transmission Repair

Transmission RepairMajor overhaul of your transmission can be a stressful time, because you’ll be without your car for a while. This type of job requires expertise and often needs specialized tools to get the job done. Our auto repair shop can handle any scope of transmission overhaul, see what we can do for you today.

Engine Repair

Engine RepairEngine swaps or rebuilds should always go through an experienced machine shop that has the tools and knowledge to assemble your car rings and bearings within specifications. Because this is the heart of your car, you want to make sure that only the best components go into your engine repair.
With on-site facilities to handle the machine work needed, Armens Auto Service bodyshop assembles engines by hand and to your exact specifications.

Whether it is seals or pans, synchronous or shift forks, our transmission repair service offers a complete solution for your drivetrain issues.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel AlignmentIncorrect camber or excessive toe can result in premature tire wear at best and dangerous driving conditions at worst. Armens Auto Service is your number one auto repair choice for wheel alignment, with excellent reviews and a good history of customer support.

All alignments performed at Armens Auto Service feature a road test to ensure proper tracking and alignment. Every single car aligned exits with a before and after readout of your static camber settings.

Tires & Wheels Repair

Tires repairFlat tires can be patched using a variety of DIY methods and over the counter products, but there’s nothing like a true tire patch. Your tire, once dismounted, can be scuffed and patched from the inner side of the tire, for a superior flat tire fix.

Bulging or sidewall damage can lead to dangerous driving conditions, so bring your vehicle into Armens Auto Service right away for any repair of wheels or Los Angeles tire repair services.

Car Suspension

Car Suspension RepairWhen car springs and shock absorbers get tired, it can lead to a bouncy ride and poor handling characteristics. Replacing your shocks and springs should be done through an alignment shop, so your tires wear evenly and handle well.

Installing new shock absorbers and progressive springs can restore the handling of your vehicle, and have you back on the road quickly. Come in and visit Armens Auto Service car maintenance for all of your progressive suspension issues or problems.