About Armens Auto Service Auto Center

As part of a trusted Los Angeles auto repair facility, Armens Auto Service believes in providing customer service with a smile. Our auto service is owned and run by Armen Saakyan, who is a BMW-certified automotive technician. Before Armens Auto Service, he has worked with auto repair shops and dealerships in the United States and in Germany for over 10 years. He has extensive experience as an auto mechanic and he is extremely passionate about what he does.

Our certified technicians provide a wide range of services ready to handle whatever problems you are having with your car. From carbureted to fuel injected, there’s no auto repair job we can’t handle. Armens Auto Service has the facilities and testing equipment to resolve problems with your car, no matter how big or minor. Capable of everything from a routine servicing to a full scale rebuild and engine blueprinting, our services are perfect for the daily driver or the weekend cruiser.

Why Armens Auto Service is the superior auto care choice

Armens Auto Service Checkup

Any car that comes in for service receives our comprehensive checkup where we look over your vehicle to spot any potential issues. This type of care goes a long way in preventing these problems from becoming serious, and causing premature damage or wear to your engine, tires or suspension.

Complete facilities

Many Los Angeles mechanics and auto repair shops do not have the full range of equipment or tools needed to provide complete care. Our staff is there to help answer any questions and make sure you don’t feel as though you are in the dark. This is the Armens Auto Service difference and a huge reason why our customers never take their car anywhere else.

Armen's Auto Service, Auto Repair & Service, North Hollywood, CA

What Makes Our Bodyshop Different?

Our team solves your auto repair problems in an efficient and timely manner. A broad range of expertise allows us to diagnose issues accurately, implement the best solutions, and provide scheduled maintenance and support.

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True professionals with a passion for cars

Our professionals possess the technical skills necessary for first-line support that resolves your problems and aids your auto driving performance. They take preventive actions and make your car more adapted and better suited for your changing requirements as time goes by.

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We’re in it for the long haul

We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients. Just like you visit the same doctor to enjoy optimum health, we would like you to consider us your ‘Auto Repair doctors’ that keep your vehicle in great shape!

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Customer care

From our labor warranties to customer support, our services go far beyond the typical Los Angeles auto mechanic shop experience. Whether we are going along on a test drive or listening to your concerns, Armens Auto Service prides itself on customer service and complete auto care.


We are a body shop for cars in a way, in that we make your car feel good to you, both inside and out.

  • Repair Services Icon

    Repair Services

    When it’s time to take your car to a mechanic for repair services, there can be many things you need to fix. Finding the best Los Angeles auto mechanic for your car problems can be easy if you have a specialist near you to take care of the problem at hand. Knowing what kind of repair services you need for your car can help you save money and keep your car, truck or van running optimally.

    Many of these auto repair services can be avoided through proper maintenance of your car. If you haven’t taken the time to properly maintain your vehicle, this can lead to serious issues either from component or sensor failure.

    When your car has problems with air conditioning or no longer blows hot air through the vents, you will need someone to take a look at the blower motor inside your dash. This unit controls the airflow to your car vents and a failing blower motor relay or improper grounds can contribute to this problem.

    If the air no longer blows hot, it is usually a problem with your engine’s radiator or lack of coolant. Avoid this problem by constantly filling your radiator and making sure you don’t run low, or overheat. Failure to do so can lead to your cylinder head warping from excessive cylinder temperatures. Prolonged overheating conditions will result in oil viscosity breakdown and possible engine bearing failure.

    With the capability to fill your air conditioning and providing free leak tests, our Los Angeles car AC repair can solve any cooling or heating issues in your car.

    Your vehicle’s brakes utilize a hydraulic system to drive brake calipers into action, therefore bringing your car to a stop. When you have hydraulic leaks, or problems with your slave cylinder boot or your brake master cylinder, you will need a professional to inspect your car

    Brake pads and shoes wear off, and need replacing over time. Rotors and drums should also be regularly checked for runout and replaced according to the maintenance schedule for your vehicle year, make and model.

    Many of these programs are OEM specific, meaning they are meant to be cleared only by the dealerships. Ask your mechanic what OBDII parameters they support and what manufacturers are on their exclusion list. We have the best brake repair shops in the area.

    When your steering wheel feels vague or doesn’t have the response or feedback it used to, there may be an issue with your steering rack or power steering pump. Like your brakes, this primarily hydraulic assisted part of your vehicle is prone to failure at tie rod end boots or damage to the outer tie rod.

    Noises or inconsistencies involving your power steering pump may require extensive road testing and diagnosis. Be specific in your complaints so the mechanic at our car repair shop has a better idea of what symptoms to look for.

    Belt maintenance and the lack of it are the primary reasons behind things like your power steering pump or air conditioning compressor stopping. The drive belts in your car should be set to the right tension and checked regularly as vital parts of your maintenance.

    Incorrect belt tension can cause noise or excessive play in your pulleys. The pros at Armens Auto Service can get your drive belts changed quickly to get you back on the road.

    The axles and CV joints in your car can become damaged over time, especially when your axle boots rupture. Most driveline repair jobs can be done quickly, and will require new transmission fluid that’s approved for your gearbox.

    Providing wheel balancing and rim runout test procedures, Armens Auto Service car maintenance center has the expertise needed when it comes to your driveline.

    Major overhaul of your transmission can be a stressful time, because you’ll be without your car for a while. This type of job requires expertise and often needs specialized tools to get the job done. Our auto repair shop can handle any scope of transmission overhaul, see what we can do for you today.

    Whether it is seals or pans, synchronous or shift forks, our transmission repair service offers a complete solution for your drivetrain issues.

    Engine swaps or rebuilds should always go through an experienced machine shop that has the tools and knowledge to assemble your car rings and bearings within specifications. Because this is the heart of your car, you want to make sure that only the best components go into your engine repair.

    With on-site facilities to handle the machine work needed, Armens Auto Service bodyshop assembles engines by hand and to your exact specifications.

    Incorrect camber or excessive toe can result in premature tire wear at best and dangerous driving conditions at worst. Armens Auto Service is your number one auto repair choice for wheel alignment, with excellent reviews and a good history of customer support.

    All alignments performed at Armens Auto Service feature a road test to ensure proper tracking and alignment. Every single car aligned exits with a before and after readout of your static camber settings.

    Flat tires can be patched using a variety of DIY methods and over the counter products, but there’s nothing like a true tire patch. Your tire, once dismounted, can be scuffed and patched from the inner side of the tire, for a superior flat tire fix.

    Bulging or sidewall damage can lead to dangerous driving conditions, so bring your vehicle into Armens Auto Service right away for any repair of wheels or Los Angeles tire repair services.

    When car springs and shock absorbers get tired, it can lead to a bouncy ride and poor handling characteristics. Replacing your shocks and springs should be done through an alignment shop, so your tires wear evenly and handle well.

    Installing new shock absorbers and progressive springs can restore the handling of your vehicle, and have you back on the road quickly. Come in and visit Armens Auto Service car maintenance for all of your progressive suspension issues or problems.

  • Preventive Maintenance Icon

    Preventative Maintenance

    ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ Very true indeed! It is always better to take preventive steps for your car so that you can avoid a bigger damage or failure in the future. Preventive maintenance involves proper system diagnosis, detection of minor problems and taking measures to correct them before they convert into a major threat or failure.

    Your car needs regular care and maintenance so that you can avoid bigger damage. For that, you need to take your car for auto repair services from time to time so that experts can perform thorough checks on your vehicle and suggest the required repairs.

    Have you taken your car for repair yet? Be careful before it is too late.

    The very first step in the process of repair and maintenance is diagnostics and system evaluation. A doctor cannot prescribe the best medicines without proper diagnosis. Similarly without thorough examination, our expert mechanics cannot tell you the required repairs on your car.

    Our professional mechanics and technicians at Los Angeles car service are certified and experienced enough to diagnose problems with your car and perform effective system evaluation. Once the system evaluation is completed, we will suggest the required repairs or parts replacement, if needed.

    Always remember to have your car oil changed on schedule. It is one of the most important parts of preventive maintenance. Not only the oil, but other fluids and lubricants in the car should also be routinely inspected, so you don’t run into problems from low fluids.

    The main problem with oil is that it eventually turns into jelly, which causes engine parts to wear out prematurely. If you forget regular oil changes, then you might end up spending a large amount for replacing expensive engine parts later.

    The refrigerant in the air conditioner contains special oil that is responsible for cooling your car. At times, even if your car is being cooled, there might be insufficient oil which eventually would cause premature wear. The advantage of using a fresh refrigerant is that it will help you keep your air conditioning system protected and allow the system to operate at maximum efficiency.

    Though some of the basic operations in air conditioning maintenance can be done by you, it is recommended to allow the experts at Los Angeles AC repair to diagnose and perform the required maintenance.

    A clean fuel is needed for efficient engine performance. Our professional fuel cleaning system will keep injectors clean; remove debris from the combustion chamber and from the intake valves to improve performance and efficiency. Hence if you want to optimize on your mileage, then it is very important that you perform regular fuel system cleaning.

    So timely fuel system cleaning can help you to prevent damage of expensive parts and thus save on your pockets.

    Very often, you might forget to take care of your vehicle’s wiper blades and headlights. Wiper blades must be cleaned regularly and changed after every six months. If you forget to do so, your wiper blades might cause you trouble because of reduced driving visibility.

    Check your headlights! It is better to avoid accidents due to poor headlights at night. If you find them hazy, then immediately replace them with fresh, bright and crystal clear headlights today. Los Angeles auto mechanics can help with such work.

    Maintaining your car batteries is another important aspect of preventive maintenance. To keep your vehicle’s electrical systems in proper working condition, it is necessary that the battery and related components are always in top condition, working flawlessly.

    Our trained auto repair technicians are well experienced to handle all battery related problems, be it complex starting or simple charging systems. So whenever you feel that your battery is failing, or the components of your vehicle which operate on the car battery are malfunctioning, just visit us and we will take care of the rest!

    The performance of your vehicle degrades with the decrease in the quality of your oil and air filters. Hence protect your vehicle with new filters. If you keep your oil and air filters clean, then you basically keep your fuel, engine and air conditioning system free of dirt and contaminants.

    Make sure you get the correct oil filter for your engine. A vehicle’s engine protects itself from wear and tear through the oil filter. So you must replace it regularly to protect your engine and optimize your vehicle’s performance. At Los Angeles oil change, we also check and replace oil filters during maintenance.

    Transmission Fluid Exchange

    Transmission fluid is responsible for cooling and cleaning the internal transmission parts. It also creates the required hydraulic pressure which enables the automatic transmission to operate efficiently.

    It is recommended by car manufacturers that you change your transmission fluid at regular intervals of after certain miles of driving. It is highly advisable that you exchange and replace your automatic transmission fluid according to your manufacturer’s recommendations and with our car transmission repair services.

    Brake Fluid Exchange

    Most vehicle owners do not bother to change the brake fluid of their vehicle. As your brake pads wear, the level of your fluid also decreases. The brake fluid is hygroscopic in nature, that is, it attracts moisture from the air.

    Since a lot of your car parts are metallic, moisture can cause damage to valuable engine parts. You must also monitor and check your brake fluid level. Regular flushing out of the brake fluid and replacing it with a fresh one will prevent corrosion and failure of those metal components. At our Los Angeles brake repair shop, you can get all this work done.

    Coolant Flush & Fluid Exchange

    Maintaining proper fluid levels and exchanging them periodically is essential for optimum performance and mileage. Your cooling system prevents the car from getting overheated. Over time, the cooling fluid gets contaminated and does not function as effectively.

    Your cooling system can break down more easily than any other parts of your vehicle. A coolant flush at our car repair shop will not only change your coolant fluid but also will clean and remove the residues that build up inside the cooling system.

    Power Steering Fluid Exchange

    Our Los Angeles auto mechanic service will inspect your steering fluid reservoir, hoses and connections and then will replace the old worn fluid with new fluid. The new fluid allows other lubricants and oil to perform effectively. It removes harmful deposits from your steering system.

    You must go for power steering fluid exchange after every 24 months or 30,000 miles, whichever is earlier. Prevent costly repairs in the future by exchanging your power steering fluid at regular intervals.

    Your vehicle’s electrical systems are highly complicated and it is always better to leave their repair and maintenance to the experts at our vehicle repair shop. Our mechanics and expert technicians can handle everything from your car battery to your alternator.

    If you are facing difficulties in starting your vehicle or your battery does not get properly charged, then you must go for a thorough service and car repair. Focusing on preventive maintenance will ensure that you protect your vehicle from possible damage. We will provide all the solutions that you need with respect to your starting and charging systems.

    Smog is a serious environmental pollutant and can become a serious health hazard to people. It is, therefore, important that you perform smog check tests after every few years. The vehicle’s combustion outlet produces smog and over the years the amount of smog production increased as your fuel efficiency decreases. We at Los Angeles auto repair are your smog check experts. We will analyze your vehicle for smog emission and take the necessary steps to minimize it.

    Scheduled maintenance is nothing but carrying out maintenance activity at regular intervals of time. The best way to ensure the longevity of your vehicle is to schedule regular repair and maintenance. It ensures that all your vehicle parts, from the electrical systems, air conditioner and steering to your brakes, oil, fluids and wipers are in the best conditions. Scheduled preventive maintenance with our car maintenance services is the key to ensure that your vehicle always gives optimum performance and the best mileage.

  • Electronics Installation Icon

    Electronics Installation and Repair

    There are expert technicians at our auto repair who specialize in repairing, maintaining and fixing audio systems and other electronic equipment in cars. They not only have an in depth understanding of audio systems, but also of the electrical and electronic systems within the car, namely, batteries, alternators, ignition, engine control and such other electronic circuitry. Their work is intricate and involves working with all these systems in tandem and making electronics work optimally according to your specifications.

    This is a job only for very highly experienced technicians and sound experts. We have such technicians working for us at our Los Angeles car service. They have the expertise to install entire sound systems in your car, or specific bits of the sound system, like subwoofers, radios, speakers and such other audio equipment. Knowing how and where to install each piece of the system is crucial to getting a great audio experience in your car. We understand how important this can be, and use on the latest equipment for our work.

    GPS and navigation systems are becoming increasingly common and are a useful feature to have in your car. At our Los Angeles mechanic store, we can install these systems in new cars as well as older cars with equal ease. These systems connect to the car to determine its geographical location, and then provide routes and directions to places you would like to go to. We have a number of GPS and satellite navigation systems for you to choose from.

    Since these devices are easy to install, we can also help you buy a good navigation system and assist you if required in installing it.

    A backup camera is a kind of video camera that is designed specifically to help you back up your car safely, even in tight parking spots. It is attached to the rear end of your car and shows a video feed on a small panel in your dashboard. Many modern cars come pre-equipped with these cameras.

    We understand that you might want to get this system fixed on to your car, and that it requires technical expertise to do so. At our car maintenance store, we help you not only pick out a backup camera device that suits your requirements, but also get the system fitted on your vehicle according to your specifications.

    Alarm and security systems have become a mainstay on every modern car. However, if you have an older car in which you want an alarm system installed, or want to upgrade an existing alarm system in your car, we at Los Angeles auto repair are here to help you out. We can also help if your alarm system is faulty and needs to be repaired. Sometimes, alarm systems can malfunction and cause batteries to discharge or keys and remote started may be affected.

    We have mechanical and technical experts in house who can help find the right kind of security system for your car and get it installed for you. We can also repair alarm systems that are malfunctioning or damaged.

  • Towing Service Icon

    Towing Service

    Towing essentially refers to physically lifting or pulling your car to a specific destination, usually a vehicle repair shop. You might need car towing services for a number of reasons. You may simply run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, or your vehicle may refuse to start. You may have a road accident which renders your vehicle useless on the road till it is repaired in our auto collision repair shop.

    There are towing agencies that own and use specialized equipment to tow your vehicle safely without any additional damage to it during the process. If your car is mangled from an accident, it can be carried to the repair shop by these specialized vehicles.

  • Inspection and Emission Icon

    Inspection and Emission

    According to vehicle laws and mandates, you need to get your vehicle as well as OBD tested at regular intervals, either by an authorized car dealer, or an inspection station licensed by the state. These checks are done to ensure that your vehicle has minimum harmful emissions, is well maintained and is in proper condition. These tests are precautionary measures to abide by laws and ensure your safety while on the road.

    Our auto repair shop is licensed to conduct such tests. The test includes checking the number plate, emission levels, exhaust functioning and such other basic work.

  • Car Tuning Icon

    Car Tuning

    Car tuning is a highly technical job, done only by very experienced technicians and car mechanic shops. You can get your car tuned to your specifications and according to your individual driving style. Tuning helps change power delivery, mileage, handling and such other aspects of driving your car. Tuning is also essential if you are into auto racing of any kind.

    A number of changes can be made to a car to help it perform better in racing, like adding spoilers, side skirts and splitters, changing front and rear bumpers, air vents and switching to lighter wheels. However, all this can and should only be done by experienced and expert mechanics, like those at our auto repair shop.

  • Vehicle Washing & Detailing Icon

    Vehicle Washing and Detailing

    This process entails detailing of the car inside and out according to your personal specifications. It starts with washing the vehicle thoroughly and then adding detailing to the body, seats, dashboard, and almost every other part of the car. Such detailing requires immense amounts of patience, knowledge and skill.

    Our auto body shop is the perfect place to get vehicle washing and detailing done. We perform such work for both hobbyists and professionals alike, based on their exact specifications. Our skilled technicians can also suggest ideas to make your car look and feel better.

  • Car Wrapping Icon

    Car Wrapping

    Car wrapping is done to change the color and look of your car. If you have had a car for many years and want it to look different, car wrapping is a great way to achieve that. You can either get a plain new color, or get patterns and designs digitally printed and wrapped. There are a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures that you can choose from, or even create your own unique look for your car.

    You need a good auto body shop to get the job done well, since wrapping the car right can be quite tricky. Come to us for such work and get a unique and distinctive looking car for yourself.


See what our customers are saying

"I have a 6 series BMW and when my car began to smoke, I was very scared to say the least. I thought I was going to have to spend thousands upon thousands to fix the problem because it was "BMW" but turns out Armen was very knowledgeable and very reasonable with his prices. I would never take my car anywhere else."

client 1 Giulienne L. Granada Hills, CA

"I'm really picky with my M5, I'm glad he's not a backyard joe mechanic. Took my E60 to Armen and received the car like it just rolled off the show room floor, he fixed both clutches and now this monster moves. I just don't know how to thank him! THE BMW DADDY ! He sure knows what he is doing ! Very very intelligent man, BMW CERTIFIED! I will see u in 7000 miles for an oil change :)"

client 2 Art T. Van Nuys, CA

"This has to be the best BMW service I have ever had and not only car wise but also customer service. I brought in my 545i BMW with leaky valves, and Armen and his team did a great job taking care of it and for a very good price. Armen even provided me with almost cost free car rental for the time my car was in the shop which I thought was great. He kept me updated through out the whole process and even after. "

client 3 Andrew N. Los Angeles, CA

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